Music lovers are in for a treat this October end, when the new MS Xbox Music will be released to the public. Publicized as the one stop music wonder, the innovative gadget is expected to be a strong contender against the current market holder, Apple iTunes. An updated edition of Xbox Live, the device will be available along with the soon-to-be-released Windows 8 OS (26 October) and progressed later into the Windows Phone 8 system too.

A Versatile Xbox Music Package

The music content service provider of Microsoft that will be available from 16 October onwards is a step forward than other similar gadgets, with the presence of an integrated solution encompassing all needs.
  • Free video streaming facility
  • Unique music subscription services
  • Handy music purchasing selections

Xbox Music provides intelligent services that do not require any service bouncing techniques for selecting and purchasing music. The user can now search, find, buy and store at the one-stop facility and use it in multiple mechanisms.

Download Songs and own it too

The Xbox 360 console offers a download and owns functionality of about 30 million songs and around 70000 music videos. The cloud-based gadget allows users to access music even from multiple devices. Hear free songs, download entire albums, create wholesome experience through customized internet radio stations, and unlimited service hopping features.

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