Welcome to Concepts again. The summer is over now, all vacations and troubles are finished and we back in business. This will be the first concept of this season. You will notice that concept is made of several ideas, not only for Office, but for Windows Phone 8 too. I combine real features with my ideas – all in the name of good experience.

Microsoft introduce recently the preview of the new Office. It’s a powerful service that helps you unleash your best ideas, get things done and stay connected on the go. It’s amazing new product with a lot of new features and visual enhancements. Experience Office at its best on Windows 8 devices – from your home PC, tablet and now on your phone. Access what matters from the start with a fast and fluid interface that puts your most-important documents, applications and people right up front. The new Office will use the bigger screens on Windows Phone 8 devices and will show more and rich user interface, and still will be easy to use. There is also new visual shared clipboard, that can be accessed any in the phone and that allows you to copy multiple objects as text, images and URLs and use it anytime.

The new Office is more open to other platforms and file formats. Now you can open all Microsoft Office formats (the old MS Office XP-2003 and the new 2007-2010), Open Office, PDF, text files and even epub files. All this files can be converted to standard Office documents. You can access several cloud-based storages including SkyDrive, Google Drive, DropBox and other.
The new Office introduces a new level of multitasking between all Office applications, Mail, Skydrive, Skype, Messaging and other third party apps for communication. Now you can have several opened documents and easily navigate thru them, copy and share information – from every text document, spreadsheet, slide or other type of data. You can even make a Skype call or browse the Internet without leaving the Office. There is also a new way to use formatting and editing tools on Office – the ring tool – Always have the tools you need at hand – just hold your finger and select the tool you need. I get the basic idea of new Office design from the new web Outlook design.

Here I introduce my ideas for a few useful Windows Phone 8 features as the extended Power menu and Shortcuts configurator.
– extended Power menu when we hold the Power key – with several useful options as Restart and Mute the device, On/Off notifications, taking screenshots and New Quick Note. These Notes are automatically added to One Note for further use and edit. All screenshots are saved automatically and added to the Clipboard. This will work in any application.

– Shortcuts configurator – configure behavior of holding keys and keys combination

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