The latest fad desktop to be looked out for in the gadgets market is the yet-to-released Sony VAIO Tap 20 model that is announced as hybrid equipment between an ultrabook and tablet. The new crossbreed integrates the much-awaited novel Windows 8 Operating System and is currently the most anticipated Sony release. Priced at $879.99 onwards, the fresh amalgamated PC will be available for the public from 26 October.

Sony’s Original Ultrabook cum Tablet Make

An innovative approach in the line of PC’ the up-to-date Sony product sports an AIO 20-inch touch screen monitor that has an attached stand behind the display. The stand can be adjusted as per the user’s requirement, to make the Sony VAIO Tap 20 fusion model slant or rest upright. The high quality resolution of 1600/900 pi is a bonus in the brand new gadget that also, in addition houses a wireless keyboard, and mouse, as part of the package.

Starting the Ultra-tablet Trend

The start-up model from Sony is the first-of-its kind trendy desktop PC that is a part tablet and part ultrabook. The battery power-driven and handy, portable gadget is the newest adventurous undertaking. The extent of its popularity will be known after its release.

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