Windows Phone 8 comes with one of those features for which Apple's Scott Forstall and Google's Matias Duarte might be slapping their foreheads and exclaiming "How didn't I introduce it first!", and it is Live Apps pushing real-time updates to your lock screen wallpaper.

Well, Scott Forstall is gone now, and we exaggerate, but the idea is pretty neat, and you can set the lock screen now to display your most needed info before you have even entered the phone - real-time Facebook updates, scores from the Sports app, news, weather, and other notifications that 3rd party apps come up with.

If you want to see the live lock screen feature of WP8 in action, look no further than the video demo of the new live Facebook app for Windows Phone 8, which is pushing some info on the lock screen of a Nokia Lumia 920.

Source: phonearena

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