If you ever wanted to try out that innovative Android tablet launcher Chameleon, now is the time. The price just got slashed to $3.99 from $9.99, which, apparently seemed a lot to many, as app prices go these days, regardless of how much developer effort went into creating it.

The widget-based launcher makes the most out of the larger screen real estate on Android tablets, and is somewhat of a playground what can be done with the interface there.

Google is certainly starting to focus more on its tablet proposition, recently asking developers to step it up, in light of the affordable Nexus slates it came up with, the Nexus 7, and the high-res Nexus 10, aiming to expand the tablet ecosystem through low prices, as it can hardly compete with the iPad on the number of tablet-oriented apps right now.

The original Chameleon project backers paid ten bucks on Kickstarter to keep it moving, so they might feel a bit irked now that the price is four, but should find some solace knowing that their sacrifice is for the greater good.

Source: phonearena

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