Before we begin, we have to admit that the iPhone 5 physical buttons are nothing short of excellent. However, that statement is only valid when they work, and for a number of owners, that does not happen to be the case. Multiple iPhone 5 users are reporting that their smartphone's lock key becomes unresponsive after a few weeks of usage, rendering their shiny handset virtually unusable.

Thankfully, the iPhone 5 owner who took the time to record the video you see below reports that he was given a replacement unit. But even if you aren't eligible for a replacement and your iPhone 5 is acting up as well, getting it repaired should not be too dificult, as the iPhone 5 teardown by iFixit revealed.

But the list of iPhone 5 issues does not end here. Just a few days ago, we wrote about a possible glitch affecting the responsiveness of the device's touchscreen when used in a specific way. Another flaw that was present on Apple's smartphone were the static lines that appeared on some occasions, but that has already been taken care of with a software fix.

Source: phonearena

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