The iPhone 5 is Apple‘s best iPhone yet, and it’s one of the hardest to build thanks to its intricate design and precise measurements. However, a UK mobile game developer has discovered a bug on the new smartphone where diagonal scrolling would cause the touchscreen to drop out, and sometimes even cause freezing.

UK game developing company CMA Megacorp tweeted earlier this morning that they discovered this bug while diagonally scrolling on the iPhone 5. Of course, they weren’t sure if it was just them or actually something that all iPhone 5 units were affected with. Recombu decided to test it out for themselves, and they found that both of their iPhone 5 units on hand were guilty of the glitch.

Skip to 0:54 to see the testing.

As you can see, both iPhone 4S units have no problem with quick diagonal scrolling, but both of the iPhone 5 units stutter a little bit, and they even completely drop out at one point. Obviously, this isn’t a huge deal for casual usage, but it can be a problem in some mobile games where quick swiping is crucial to the gameplay.

No one’s sure if this is a hardware or software issue. If it’s a software issue, then we would most likely see the problem easily fixed in iOS 6.1, but if it’s a hardware issue, then that’s a completely different story. Apple hasn’t yet made an official statement on the issue,

Source: slashgear

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