Lawsuits continue to fly around in the mobile space. Yesterday, Microsoft was slapped with its first lawsuit over Live Tiles in Windows 8. SurfCast filed a complaint in a Maine U.S. District Court in which it claimed Microsoft infringes on patent No. 6,724,403 by “making, using, selling, and offering to sell devices and software products” that are covered by SurfCast’s patents. The company goes on to say that Microsoft contributes to infringement by encouraging developers to make app tiles for the platform.

SurfCast would like for Microsoft to “account for and pay to SurfCast all damages caused to SurfCast by reason of Microsoft’s patent infringement.”

Microsoft in a statement said it is “confident we will prove to the court that these claims are without merit and that Microsoft has created a unique user experience.”

Tiles can be thought of as dynamically updating icons. A Tile is different from an icon because it can be both selectable and live — containing refreshed content that provides a real-time or near-real-time view of the underlying information
Tiles can provide dynamic bookmarking — an at-a-glance view of the current status of the program, file, or content associated with it.
Tiles enable people to have all their content, applications, and resources, regardless of whether on their mobile device, tablet, computer, or in their Cloud — visualized persistently — dynamically updating.

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