Blake Krikorian, the person behind the Slingbox founded a new startup dubbed “id8 Group R2 Studios”. That company released an Android app that’s used to control the home heating, lighting, consoles, TV set and basically everything from the distance via Crestron Systems technology. Now it appears Google and Apple want to buy that company.

That firm owns a bunch of secretive patents related to remote device and interface control and speaking of UI, the interface of the app looks pretty cool in the video demo below. Well, now that Google and Apple have shown interest in this firm, they may end up buying it and integrated automated home control onto their devices. Imagine controlling the heating and lighting in your house via your phone without having to get an extra app, accessory or system.

Microsoft is also tempted by this company, so Google and Apple have strong competition. The report on this matter states that the discussions’ results are still unclear, so we have no idea who will end up buying the company or their solution, but when it will happen, it will go for an impressive price, I’m sure. Controlling the living room is a high stakes affair.

Source: gsmdome

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