Since the battery on the Apple iPhone can't be removed, keeping a freshly charged cell around is not going to be possible. There are ways to improve the battery on your Apple iPhone, including the mophie Juice Pack which is a protective case with a battery embedded inside. Not yet available for the Apple iPhone 5, the Juice Pack is a great way to protect the phone and get extended battery life at the same time. But what if you don't want to spend the money to buy the case, or if you have an Apple iPhone 5? In that case, you might want to check out an app called Battery by Lurie Lurceac.

With a really nice looking UI, Battery gives you a number of interesting stats such as how long it will take to fully charge your phone. The first screen tells you how much time you have left to run a certain task before the battery dies. If the app is telling you that you have just 10 minutes left to watch YouTube, you know which clips you can view and which ones to avoid. The app will even estimate how much talk time you have left for a conversation over 2G or 3G. Knowing this data can be important, especially if you are using your iPhone for business. You don't want to be on an important phone call with Mr. Drysdale from the bank when the battery on your Apple iPhone dies.

Besides giving you enough stats to help you make an informed decision on how best to stretch out the battery life on your iPhone, the app also will give you tips and recommendations such as reminding you to turn off Wi-Fi when you're not using it, or telling you that reducing the brightness on the screen will help enhance battery life.

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