Nokia Lumia 920 Image Stabilization

Here is a fact … Supermodels gets airbrushed and Nokia Faked their Lumia 920 image stabilization promo video ( a fact which they apologized for ). Companies exaggerating in their ads is very common , I am not a fan of this but I have come to expect that. I also feel Nokia should have labelled that video as a promo video which would have avoided that fiasco. The question still remains ..

What is the the Nokia Lumia 920 Optical Image Stabilization do ?

Apparently the folks at Nokia have unlocked the mysteries surrounding the complex nature of human handshake and optimized the new Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) system to provide the best possible stabilisation for when the phone is handheld a.k.a you get reduced blur in your pictures – both at night and when your hands are unsteady. ( you know when you have a drink or two and the shutterbug in you is awake)

Does the OIS on the Nokia Lumia 920 work ?

Sadly we still don’t have a 920 coz of the low level of lumia 920 stock in Oz, lets hope they fix that soon and take my money already.

Some people might have lost their confidence in the Optical Image Stabilization on the Nokia Lumia 920 but , we thought we will collect some of the independent Nokia Lumia 920 Image Stabilization videos out there and see how it performs. Here are a few vs videos comparing how well Image Stabilization works on the Lumia 920 vs the competition like iPhone 5

All that aside here is something that is completely true and you should blindly believe and is completely true.

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