The video below from Rozetked purports to show a "rendering" of Samsung's forthcoming Galaxy S4 smartphone, which is poised to leapfrog the iPhone 5 when it comes out next year.

(Translation: The phone and features in the video are not actually the S4).

There are two cool features in the video:

First, the phone is thin and the screen is big. Many of those who own iPhones secretly covet the larger screens on Samsung phones, and this screen is big. And the rendered phone is thinner than the iPhone 5.

Second, the phone includes a "projected keyboard" feature in which the phone projects an image of a keyboard on a flat surface and then allows the user to type on the projected keys. If that is real and it works, that will be cool. Much cooler than carrying around an external keyboard.

The real Galaxy S4 is expected to come out early next year. The fear of many Apple fans is that, now that Samsung has basically caught up with Apple on the smartphone front--the Galaxy S3 is an excellent phone that some people prefer to the iPhone--this new phone will vault past the iPhone 5 and leave Apple scrambling to catch up.

Source: businessinsider

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