If you live, work or travel in an area where you just can't get decent 4G signal strength, the Sleek 4G is for you. Manufactured by Wilson Electronics, the booster gives you in excess of 20 times the amount of power delivered by the average smartphone. The Sleek 4G works with the 4G networks on all U.S. carriers except WiMAX.

Measuring 2.5 by 4.5 by 2.5 inches and weighing just three ounces, the Sleek 4G uses a one-size-fits all cradle and is sold as a plug and play kit. An optional home kit converts the unit into a booster suitable for home or office use. There is no installation required and the booster is expected to retail for $199.95. With your device safely nestled in the cradle, you can still use Bluetooth and quickly install the booster on a vehicle for hands-free use.

The Sleek 4G will be displayed at CES 2013 in Las Vegas and works by taking in weak 4G signals from a roof-mounted antenna, and sending it over a coax cable to the cradle where it is boosted using an amplifier. The signal is then transmitted to the device in the cradle using a built-in antenna. Reversing the process is how a boosted signal is sent from the device to the cell tower.

With the Sleek 4G, there is no need to suffer with weak 4G signals, dropped calls, or even "Dead Zones". It also offers faster data transfer rates and can help improve your battery life. For those who travel through lightly populated areas, this booster could literally be a life saver.

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