LAS VEGAS—Wouldn’t it be handy to have a single wireless charging solution for all of your family’s smartphones? That’s the concept behind the new Magnetyze line of cases and wireless charging bases from BuQu Tech, shown here at CES.

At least, that's the idea if your home has the Apple iPhone 4 and 4S, and the Samsung Galaxy S III. BuQu Tech says its first products, supporting those devices, are scheduled to ship in the first quarter; iPhone 5 and Galaxy Note II varietals are coming later this year.

 Once you clap a Magnetyze case onto your smartphone, you can charge it and synchronize data with your PC by simply resting the phone on a Magnetyze base. As the system's name implies, the holds the phone securely in place with magnets. The base units come in various forms from a desktop stand ($30), car ($50), and wall ($40) chargers, and a pancake-like flat desktop charging disc ($30).

Unlike inductive charging systems that support no real electrical connection between the phone’s battery and the charging unit, the Magnetyze system uses a conductive design, which means that electrical contacts on the base must line up with the contacts on the phone case. This is easily done since the magnets in the base stations pull the phones into position.

You can use the same Magnetyze base stations for Android and Apple phones. The standard Magnetize Apple 4/4S starter kit system comes with a case, a magnetic desk stand, a Magnetyze charge/sync cable, and a micro USB cord, priced at $70; the same setup with an extended battery pack costs $90. The standard Magnetyze system for the Galaxy S III comes in two forms:  One with a replacement back ($60) and one with a slip-on case ($70).

Source: techhive

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