You must have heard by now that Facebook is launching its own cell phone! But there has been no official confirmation from Mark Zuckerberg and in separate occasions he has completely denied it. But after all these, 15January is going to see some special news and we still don’t know the topic.

What’s the topic?

Is Facebook initiation a new operating system, or is it going to launch an entire range of gadgets, like smart phones- we are left to speculate. Will it use a modified OS that has been already tried by Kindle Fire? All these are all possibilities and nothing has yet been able to know regarding the agenda of the Press Release.

Facebook on HTC

There is surely an OS from Facebook on HTC. The benefit of this OS is that you get better socializing experience with Facebook. The idea has worked as some confirm but sure some alterations will be necessary. Is it an advanced version of the same OS?

Too many questions ringing in the mind of the aficionados! But we will have to wait till tomorrow to see the real picture. Maybe the press conference is going to reveal something else and not the Facebook phone or OS.

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