Maybe you're the kind of person who needs an external display even on business trips. Or maybe you've got a non-touch PC, and getting a touchscreen monitor seems like the best way to jump on the Windows 8 train (you know, as opposed to replacing your PC altogether). Whoever you are, Lenovo's banking on there being more of you out there. The company just announced the ThinkVision LT1423p mobile monitor, a 13.3-inch display that weighs a shade under 1.6 pounds, making it light enough to potentially stuff in your carry-on. Once it ships sometime in Q2, you'll be able to pick it up in wired and wireless versions, meaning you can connect over either USB 3.0 or WiFi. (While the wired one is powered over USB, the wireless model has a 10-hour battery, the same one inside the ThinkPad Tablet 2.) Ether way, you're looking at a 1,600 x 900 AH-IPS, Gorilla Glass panel. The screen supports pen input, too, and comes with a writing implement that registers 256 degrees of pressure sensitivity. Like we said, it'll ship sometime in the second quarter, priced at $349 for the wired version and $449 for the wireless one.

Source: CES2013LasVegas

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