Let's face it – playing classic video games on an Android device is often hard due to the lack of adequate physical controls. Sure, RPGs and other genres that don't require timely reactions are indeed playable, but real-time strategies, for example, and other kinds of games that you're supposed to play with a mouse, are practically impossible to enjoy.

Yet here comes Winulator – an ambitious project that aims to assist classic games in getting along with touchscreens. In a nutshell, you're provided with a tool that converts Windows executable files into code that Android understands and an application to run that code with. Sounds awesome, doesn't it? Well, don't get too excited yet because the list of games that Winulator runs is extremely limited. Currently, only Caesar III is supported with Star Craft coming next in the very near future, but we hope that the list will keep on growing over time. On the bright side of things, in the video below we see that Star Craft runs quite well, with sound effects and without dropping a frame.

You can try a beta version of Winulator for free by downloading it from Google Play. In case your favorite old-school title from the 90's isn't supported yet, you can still keep an eye on the project by visiting its home page.

Source: phonearena

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